Portrait of Tripolitania (8 days)
Classical Cities of Libya
(14 days)

Fixed date group departure itinerary. Dates to be announced.

A comprehensive tour of the Roman and Greek cities of Libya including two days at the magnificent site of Leptis Magna and a visit to the enchanting oasis of Ghadames. The order in which sites are visited may vary.

Tripoli - Qasr al-Haj - Nalut - Ghadames - Sabrata - Leptis Magna - Benghazi - Tocra - Ptolemais - Cyrene - Apollonia Qasr Libya - Benghazi  - Tripoli  

Day 1 On arrival in Tripoli transfer to city centre hotel.  

Day 2 A full day's sightseeing in Libya's capital city, Tripoli, known as the "White Bride of the Mediterranean". Visit the National (Jamahiriya) Museum with its fine collection of statuary and mosaics before sightseeing in the old town with its mosques, souks and 2nd century Arch of Marcus Aurelius. 

Day 3 Visit the beautiful granary castles of Nalut and Qasr al-Haj. (This latter was chosen as one of the "World's 80 Greatest Treasures" on a recent BBC TV series hosted by Dan Cruikshank.) Continue to Ghadames.

Day 4 Sightseeing in the unique and enchanting oasis of Ghadames on the edge of the Sahara desert. Visit the old town with its labyrinthine passages and take lunch in a richly decorated traditional house. Late afternoon excursion to watch the sun set over the sand dunes; on the way, we visit the ruins of Ras al-Ghoul (Summit of the Ghost), allegedly the remains of an old Roman fort, where the local inhabitants succumbed to a siege during the Arab conquest of Libya in the 7th century AD.


ds_basilica2.jpg (6315 bytes)
Basilica, Leptis Magna

Day 5 Visit the beautiful qasr of Kabow before continuing to the abandoned village of Tormisa with its stunning views atop an escarpment. Continue to Gharyan to see one of its famous troglodyte houses and the pottery stalls. Return to Tripoli.

Day 6 Visit the Janzour catacomb museum with its tomb paintings. Continue to Sabrata  with its stunning 2nd century Colonnaded Theatre, Mausoleum of Bes, Temples of Antoninus and Zeus, Court of Justice, great Roman Forum and Museum with its exquisite mosaics. Return to Tripoli.  

Day 7 Full day excursion to the magnificent Roman city of Leptis Magna where the sites include the triumphal Arch of Septimus Severus, the Hadrianic Baths, the huge Forum, the Basilica, the Theatre and the vast Amphitheatre.  Also visit Villa Sileen, home of a Roman high class family. Return to Tripoli

Day 8 Those on the 8 day tour will have time at leisure until transfer to airport for flight home. 
Those on the 14 day tour will transfer to the airport for the morning flight to Benghazi. Afternoon sightseeing in Libya's second city including World War II cemetery, the old town, Souk al-Jareed and ancient Berenice.

Day 9 Visit the Greco-Roman citirs of Tocra and Ptolemais, the latter with its Four Seasons Villa, Odeon Theatre, Agora, Colonnaded Palace and great underground Cisterns. Continue to the Cyrene area for 3 nights.  

Day 10 Full day of sightseeing at the extensive and remarkable Greek site of  Cyrene, founded in the 7th century BC. Sites include the Temple of Apollo, Acropolis, Agora, Forum, Stoa of Hermes and Hercules, House of Jason Magnus and the Temple of Zeus.


ds_zeus.jpg (9879 bytes)
Temple of Zeus, Cyrene

Colonnaded Theatre, Sabrata

Day 11 Morning visit the ancient city-port of Apollonia. In the afternoon, visit the basilicas of Ras al-Hilal and Al-Atrun. 

Day 12 Visit the tiny, eerie pre-Islamic grotto of Slontah. Continue to Qasr Libya with its Byzantine church and museum housing one of the finest collections of mosaics in the country. Continue to Benghazi. Flight to Tripoli.

Day 13 Option for a day at leisure or a return visit to Leptis Magna to include a visit to the Shrine of Abd al-Salaam in Zliten. No extra charge for this option, but it must be booked at same time as rest of the tour. 

Day 14 At leisure until transfer to airport for flight home.   


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